The Sangli District Court


    A new court building has been constructed in Vijaynagar on Sangli Miraj Road in five Acres approximately. The building is built to cater the growing demands for the needs of space and to centralize all the judicial courts together.
    The new court house is primarily divided into two wings:
    The A Wing is a North facing, having G+4 structure admeasuring 2 lakh square feet approximately. It consists of 26 court halls, Record room with facilities of Compactors, Civil Jail, e-Filing Centre, Judicial officer’s library, Conference room, Auditorium room, Bar library, Bar rooms with Screens showing progress of daily boards.This building also hosts a Sangli Court Museum and various informational display boards depicting the judicial history of the Sangli Court.Display board containing information of the Sangli court during Pre- Independence era.
    The A Wing was the first building to be completed and was inaugurated on 11th March 2018 On 31 December 2019 Museum on first floor was inaugurated. (photos in the gallery)


    The B Wing of the Sangli District Court House

    The B Wing is a South facing, having G+2 structure admeasuring 3660 square Meter. It consists of an ADR centre, Family Court, Labour Court , Co-operative court, and Industrial Court. On 8 th February 2020 B wing and Family Court were inaugurated.
    The Sangli District consists of 10 Talukas of Miraj, Kavathe Mahankal, Jat, Atpadi, Vita, Kadegaon, Palus, Tasgaon, Islampur, Shirala.
    There are 59 Judges in Sangli District which includes 1 Principal District Judge and Sessions Judge, 6 Additional District and Sessions Judges, 3 Adhoc District Judges & 1 Fast Track Special Court (POCSO), 13 Judges of senior Division, 1 Chief Judicial Magistrate and 34 Judges of Junior Division.
    The District Court has a total staff of 605 and total Advocate’s Bar strength is 950.


    Miraj Taluka Court  

    Miraj-  There are three Judicial Magistrate First class Courts.

    Jat Taluka Court  

    Jat – Largest Taluka in Maharashtra. There are two Judicial Magistrate First class Courts.

    Tasgaon Taluka Court

    There are three judicial magistrate first class courts.

    Vita Taluka Court  

    Vita – Taluka Khanapur is having its all offices at Vita. In the year 2005 a three storeyed new court building was constructed. Previously there were three judicial magistrate first class. In 2020 Senior Division Court was established for Vita, Atpadi, Kadegaon and Palus at Vita with 1 Civil Judge Senior Division.

    Islampur Taluka Court  

    Taluka Walwa has its headquarter at Islampur. Previously there was a judicial magistrate first class court. In the year 1999 Additional District Judge and Senior Division court was established. New Court building was inaugurated in 2007.

    Shirala Taluka Court  

    It has the highest rainfalls in the district. There are 2 Judicial Magistrate Courts.

    Atpadi Taluka Court  

    In the year 1965 Atpadi Taluka was created and it got separated from Khanapur Taluka. Till then Vita court used to have sitting for 15 days at Atpadi. There are 2 Judicial Magistrate First Class courts. There is a jail without walls known as Swatanyrapur.

    Kavathemahankal Taluka Court  

    In the year 1965 Kavathe Mahankal taluka was formed. Till 1967 Jurisdiction of KavatheMahankal vested in Miraj Court. In the year 1967 Criminal court and 1971 Civil Court was established. In the year 2005 a new court building was inaugurated. There are 2 Judicial Magistrate First class Courts.

    Palus Taluka Court  

    In 1999 Palus Taluka was formed from villages of Tasgaon. In the year 2008, 2 Judicial Magistrate First class courts were established and a new court building was built.

    Kadegaon Taluka Court  

    In 2002 Kadegaon Taluka was created from some villages of Khanapur Taluka. In the year 2008 two Judicial Magistrate First class courts were established and shifted to a new building in the year 2013.

    Judicial History

    In the year 1948 Sangli Sansthan merged into India and became part of Bombay Presidency/State.
    On 1/8/1949 Satara Province was bifurcated into two, South Satara as its headquarter at Sangli and North Satara having its headquarter at Satara, both districts were included in Bombay State. In South Satara there were 529 villages Khanapur of Satara Sansthan, Tasgaon from Tasgaon Sansthan, walwa,Shirala,Peth, 41 villages of Aundh Sansthan,94 villages from Jat Sansthan, 2 villages from Shirol Taluka of Kolhapur Sansthan,1 villages from Kurundwad Senior Sanstahan,29 villages from Miraj Senior Sansthan,15 villages from Miraj Junior Sansthan,1 village from Wadi Estate,2 village from Athani Taluka of Belgam,3 villages from Vijapur and 64 villages of Original Sangli Sansthan. Sangli was Capital of South Satara having its own High Court.
    After formation of United Maharashtra on 21/11/1960 Satara District was again divided into East and West and South Satara was renamed as ‘Sangli’ District.
    On 1st May 1961 Miraj, jat, Vita Tasgaon Shiral, Islampur became part of Sangli District.
    Mr.B.D.Nadkarni was the first District judge of South Satara District after the merger of Sangli state into Union of India i.e. from 1/8/1949.
    After formation of Maharashtra state on 21 November 1960 Mr.K.A.Mehta was the First District Judge of Sangli District.

    Distinguished Judges

    Sangli courts had distinguished Principal District Judges who later on elevated to High Court.

    • Mr.B.N.Deshmukh (28/9/1958 to 20/11/1960)
    • Mr. R. K.Joshi (from 5/12/1961 to 10/8/1963)
    • Mr. A.R. Shimpi (from 24/8/1963 to 19/8/1966)
    • Mr. N.B.Naik (from 14/9/1967 to 8/6/1970)
    • Mr. M.S.Jamadar (from 8/1/1972 to 16/6/1974)
    • Mr.R.G.Sindhakar (from 17/6/1981 to 22/7/1981)
    • Mr.S.S.Dani (from 8/7/1987 to 31/8/1987)
    • Mr.J.A.Patil (from 7/2/1994 to 28/3/1994)
    • Mr.T.V.Nalavade(from 9/4/2004 to 27/3/2006)
    • Mr.A.D.Upadhye, (from 6/2/2014 to16/11/2015)
    • Mr.S.P.Tavade (from 7/1/2016 to 30/0/2017)
    • Mr.V.G.Bisht (from 2/5/2017 to 20/10/2018)
    • Mr. B.U.Debadwar (from 21/11/2018 to 30/6/2019)


    The Judges who had been at Sangli and later on became High Court Judges

    • Mr.M.S.Vaidya
    • Mr.S.M.Daud
    • Mr.V.R.Datar
    • Mr.P.V.Kakade
    • Mr.S.P.Kukday
    • Mr.P.R.Borkar
    • Mr.V.R.Kingaonkar
    • Mr.S.G.Mutalik
    • Smt. Vibha Kankanwadi
    • Mr.Vinay Joshi
    • Mr. Rajendra Avchat
    • Mr.Nizamuddin Jamadar